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Welcome to the RetroFit Life

Life ‘Modification’ for the Hip at Heart

 What’s the RetroFit Life?

A hub to promote positive life changes for those who understand the value of all experiences: good and bad.

You can have the life you work for; the relationship, the career, the home, the outlook… it’s all possible with just a little bit of effort and a whole lotta love.


Be the Change you Wish to See in Yourself…


Worry about the World later


The RetroFit Life Mission

 Lead you toward the positive change you’ve always wanted, using the tools you already have.

To help you realize that anything, everything, and everyone has value.

With creativity and a little effort, you can finally love your life… and yourself.


Retrofit Life original art

Art by SRM


When was the last time you felt Fabulous? or Amazing? or even just Satisfied?

What’s holding you back? Is it Fear, Your Past, Financial Stress, Overwhelming Barriers?

 Whatever it is, we can work together to RetroFit your life



  If you wake up tomorrow, and everything is perfect, how would you know?

What’s keeping you from that perfect life right now? 

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art by SRM